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Need moisture damage prevention?

About Absorpac

Absorpac Sdn Bhd provides complete range of services for extensive collection of silica gel as well as container dry desiccant to protect packaging and prevent from moisture damage.
absorpac johor bahru moisture damage prevention

Why You Need Us

Moisture damage is as unpredictable as it is costly. Whether you ship your products by land, sea or air cargo, moisture prevention plays a large part in preventing damages in many ways such as rust, mold, fungus, odor, discoloration, packaging breakage and direct product damage.


Absorpac provides you the professional moisture-proof solution. We are aiming to ensure complete protection of products to clients so that their product are more protective and safer in each and every condition. Your moisture problems is taken care of by our high level of service as per client’s need.

Absorpac Container Dry Desiccant Johor Bahru

Our Solutions

Established since Year 2006, Absorpac Sdn Bhd focuses on the quality of our moisture prevention products to maintain an excellent condition of our client’s assets. Our clients can expect affordability and trustworthy services from this industry.


Absorpac also offer customized packaging solutions so that all needs of the diversified clients can be fulfilled. We deal with chemical industry, electronics, food & beverages, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and logistics etc. Our professionals have vast experiences to deal with all kind of moisture solutions.

Our Products

Absorpac Sdn Bhd offers innovative technologies for complete moisture protection to packaging and containers. You can avail complete assistance in affordable range with cost effective and highly efficient solution.

Silica gel are very useful for various products because it work as desiccant to reduce spoilage. The gel form contains millions of tiny pores which helps for physical adsorption and condensation. The packets usually have warning label to show that the silica gel is nearly harmless and can’t be eaten. As the important factors of silica gel is efficiency (adsorption greater than typical desiccant clay) and weight (adsorb about 40% of its own weight in moisture), it is choose as most preferable desiccants.

Absorpac_Dry-Pole-800 Johor Bahru

As it is highly recommended to fulfill the requirement for product protection, container desiccant manage to give the best service to prevent condensation. In order to maintain higher quality of product during shipment, we will place the desiccant in container and ensure that client’s product are deliver at the right place and perfect time without any damage. Same as silica gel, container desiccant keep products to stay dry and very cost-effective to protect cargo from moisture.

Paper pallet are usually have wide demanded as it is a broad range of packaging products. Millions of old pallets discarded take decades to decompose, so by using paper pallet, it is recyclable, disposable and conserves storage space. The method of paper pallet packaging are mostly advantageous because it reduced weight, however the wrapping should less tight and more open at the bottom to prevent mold or condensation.

Shrink film are the first option especially when it comes to packaging and protection either it is smallest or largest items. Shrink film are designed with different type where it have its own specific range of uses. Everything can be protect with shrink film by applying certain methods for shipment or storage. For prevent moisture or mold, shrink film have higher demanded because when the product are coiled together, it will maintain the structure of products and create stronger bonds.

To get better quality of products packaging, packing tapes and other materials are used for sealing boxes and packages. These packing tape have various type of sizes such as transparent office tape, filament tape, gaffers tape, masking tape, electrical tape, spike tape, duct tape and double sided-tape. Several things to consider for choosing packing tape are weight, length and width of package, method of shipping and strength, stability and value of package contents.

Super Absorption Capacity

Our Expertise

Insurers estimate that approximately 12% of all container shipment damage is moisture related, which is about as much as product wastage. Absorpac provides you a total moisture protection solution to prevent these damages and safeguard your earnings effectively.
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Our Clients

Since the establishment of Absorpac in Year 2006, our company has gained huge experience in dealing with different level of moisture prevention. We work for building trust with clients and long life relations that are developed with our good quality products and services.


Contact Us

If you are in search of any kind of services related to moisture prevention then it is time to reach out for us at Absorpac Sdn Bhd. We have a wide range of absorbent products, excellent moisture absorption capacity and protective packaging solutions to offer you along with our quality services.


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